Designing For Flight Paths

Giantpeach - May 24, 2018

In the past 50 years air travel has increased beyond anyone’s imagination and with this our airports have had to grow to meet the ever increasing demands of global travel. This has meant that schools that were once in quiet hamlets are now under flight paths and in a lot of cases this can have a huge effect on the teaching space and of course on the pupils and staff.
Schools, wherever they are, are also expanding to cope with increasing numbers of pupils and if they are under one of these flight paths the provision of a new building brings additional considerations to give the children and staff a healthy environment in which to work without the effects of acoustic disruption.

Good News:

Kingswell Buildings can provide a building that is not going to look like a concrete bomb shelter but offer a quality smart building individually designed which not only can offer acoustic relief and specialised ventilation equipment but at the same time giving the children and staff a pleasant, light and airy teaching space without a piece of concrete in sight!



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