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Continuing Development on Plots 2 & 3 in Marsh Court Views

Harriet Hill - February 28, 2022

Plot 1 of our luxurious Marsh Court Views housing development was officially handed over in December, and Plot 2 will be following suit in March. As such, we’re pleased to show you more photos that were taken earlier this month showcasing the amazing work that has been continuing on both plots 2 & 3.



We worked hand-in-hand with the new owners to make each property truly individual and bespoke. As such, all three homes have their own unique finishes and character. Interior work is ongoing for plots 2 & 3, such as the installation of the kitchens and the completion of the stunning living-room fireplaces.



As you can see, landscaping has begun on both properties, and in the last two images you can see photos of hibernacula that are purposefully built into the garden’s perimeter. These little hidey-holes are the perfect homes for small creatures that are beneficial to the local ecosystem and are part of Kingswell Buildings’ ongoing commitment to biodiversity on this fantastic project.



As always, I’m keen to highlight the Lutyens crosses in the brickwork that are in-keeping with the existing architecture of Marsh Court and the surrounding area. They are truly stunning details that further showcase the dedication and care that has been put into all three homes in the Marsh Court Views development.



Inside plots 2 & 3, you will find breath-taking fireplaces that are recessed into the living room walls. These were designed to suit the needs and preferences of the new owners, giving each home its own unique character. Additionally, the different decorative tiling in the bathrooms give a subtle flourish in their design.



We can’t wait to show off more of these properties, including photos taken of Plot 2 the day before handing over the keys, so please stay tuned for more!


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